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Land Access Field Notes: Goosefoot Farm

Goosefoot Farm, located in Fairbanks, is a shining example of young farmers in Alaska proving that small-scale, market gardening is not only a rewarding job, but a successful one- filled with purpose, healthy food, and profits that move them beyond a livelihood…

Beginning & Young AK Farmers Network: A Path Forward

In the winter and early spring of 2023, the Alaska Farmers Market Association (AFMA) hosted “Virtual Socials,” reaching out to new farmers and new food-system-focused folks. The first few online gatherings introduced the project and presented the results of a survey: a survey produced by AFMA and taken by beginning and young farmers across Alaska, inquiring about their interest levels in a statewide network led by farmers- for farmers, as well as, polled about common barriers, and their ideal focus and direction for a statewide network.