Support Local Farmers Markets

For Farmers

Farmers markets provide a place where farmers can reconnect with consumers and be compensated for their fresh, high-quality products.

For Communities

Farmers markets are family-friendly, community-building events that bring neighbors together, attract retail activity to surrounding businesses, and create civic education and involvement forums.

4 Essential Reasons to Support Alaska Farmers Markets


You build a healthier lifestyle by buying, cooking, and eating nutritious food.


You are promoting and protecting Alaska agriculture for future generations.


You are protecting Alaska’s precious agricultural land.


You are building greater food security for your community.

Why buy local food?

The produce tastes better because it’s fresher!

Fruits and vegetables are grown in or nearby your community. 

You’re conserving energy by buying local food!

The transportation costs are much lower than buying produce that is shipped from the Lower 48.

You’re conserving energy by buying local food!

Your support ensures that farming and local food production will remain viable in Alaska.

Donate to AFMA

Keep our small but mighty organization operating. With your donation, you help AFMA:


Farmers and their businesses


Outreach materials and programs, such as our Market Directory


Educational opportunities for our members and the community


On behalf of Alaska’s farmers